What’s the best BB weight for Airsoft snipers

What’s the best Airsoft BB weight?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘best airsoft bb weight’ per se as BB weight is completely dependent on the platform. It is however typically best to use the heaviest bb that your gun can lift effectively, as a heavier bb’s tend to travel further and maintain it’s flight path better thus having improved accurately. This is because they’re not affected by environmental impacts like wind or rain nearly as much. It also will give you a much higher chance of piercing through vegetation and your opponents are more likely to feel the BB at longer distances as fewer Joules will be lost during its trajectory.

I would argue that most .45g – .50g bb’s are the same or very similar in quality, most will come from the BLS factory and although they each have their own compounds and finish the difference is negligible. Instead, purchase what’s cheapest for you to get hold of (typically BLS) or purchase a YouTubers BB’s to support them financially and improve the content they’re able to bring.

What's the best BB weight for Airsoft snipers
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What are Airsoft bb’s made of?

There are two types of Airsoft bbs, biodegradable and Non-biodegradable, bio-degradable bb’s are typically made from
Polylactic acid (PLA) a bioactive and biodegradable thermoplastic which is derived from plant starch such as corn or sugarcane. Non-biodegradable Airsoft bb’s on the other hands are predominantly made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and may contain a mixture of composites to achieve different weights. The bb’s are produced through a process known as Injection moulding where plastic is injected into moulds through runners. The waste material is then recycled and the removed bb’s are polished to give a better surface finish and remove and imperfections.

What do some BB’s swell?

Some older or inexpensive brands like BB king will swell if left for long periods of time some times as much as a 25% increase, this isn’t something you obviously want happening as it’ll cause jams and may ruin your barrel. Larger bore barrels obviously have less of a problem with slight imperfections in BB’s and BB’s that are slightly larger than 5.95mm won’t cause any jams. However, if you’re using a tight bore barrel I’d be careful what brand of BB’s I would use.

What colour BB should I use?

People tend to use white BB’s as they are the easiest to see. When a BB is shot it’s travelling at 300 feet per second+ therefore it becomes very difficult to track if it blends into the environment especially if you’re shooting distance. This is primarily the reason that heavyweight BBs only come in white or ivory colour. You may find a few heavyweight BBs that are grey or black that are .50g however I wouldn’t suggest using these unless you plan on playing in the snow, as you’ll really struggle to see their flight path and will be unable to make adjustments from shot to shot.

What calibre are Airsoft BB’s

Airsoft BB’s come in two different sizes 6 mm and 8 mm, although their actual sizes are 5.95 mm and 7.95 mm, most barrels are typically 6.03mm therefore a BB only needs to swell 0.08mm in order to get stuck or be very tight in your inner barrel.

There is a huge Database for Airsoft BB’s which can be found here.

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