What is an R-Hop and what are the advantages? 2019

What is an R-Hop

An R-Hop is a patch of silicone that applies backspin to a BB to increase the range of an Airsoft gun via the use of the Magnus effect. The advantages of using an R-Hop patch over a traditional bucking is the idea the patch of silicon is cut to perfectly fit the barrel window. The advantage of this is hop is applied evenly over a longer duration and should, therefore, get more consistent shots.

What is hopup?

Hopup is the term given to applying backspin to a BB and causing the range of the bb to increase via the Magnus effect.

Throughout the years there have been many different attempts at increasing the amount of range of an Airsoft gun through the use of different materials and types of hopup rubbers. Different hop-up types include Flat Hop, ER-Hop, H-Hop, R-Hop, G-Hop to name a few.

Nearly all RIF’s are shipping with a hopup buckings which are traditionally just an extruded bit of rubber that catches the top of the BB as it travels down the barrel quickly spinning the BB. This bump can be adjusted up or down to increase or decrease the amount of spin applied to the BB this is called hopup.

What does an R-Hop do directly?

Is it worthwhile?

I would go as far as to say that although an R-HOP when properly installed is an outstanding platform however In recent years the continuous development of standard concave buckings has got very close to the reliability and accuracy of an R-HOP patch without the installation hassle.

Depending on what Joule limit you play at will affect the importance of an R-Hop, the lower joules limits of Ireland and Asia (1 Joule limits) are ideal for the use of an R-Hop. However, at the UK limits, the difference between an R-Hop and a high-quality bucking is negligible and personally, I would advise against it as many of the R-Hops I’ve seen on the field are in fact worse than a standard bucking due to user install errors. If you are content of installing an R-Hop batch there are some pre-cut patches available online. Read more about R-Hop vs the Maple Leaf buckings on ASF.

How to install an R-HOP

Do all guns have Hop-up?

No, not all guns will contain a Hopup chamber and bucking. Most newer RIFs will have an implemented hopup chamber and bucking.

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