Airsoft MilSim preparations?

What is a MilSim?

MilSim is an abbreviation for ‘military simulator’, It refers to realistic simulations of armed confrontations. This term is often used in airsoft, paintball or laser tag games where realism, military tactics and scenarios are a high priority. What separates Milsims to a normal game day is the use of blank fire fires, pyrotechnics, military vehicles and roleplaying. Some of the popular MilSims include Milsim West, a full immersion simulation game day. It’s a Veteran ran MilSim that was founded in 2012 by a group of friends that wanted to take military simulation to the next level.

What gear should I take to my first MilSim?


  • Assault Pack
  • Backup RIF
  • Eye Pro (bring a spare)
  • Extra Batteries / Gas
  • 5L+ of water + Camelbak if you can.
  • Electrolytes (Pedialyte or alternative, used to stop dehydration)
  • Energy Bars/Snack
  • First Aid kit (Compression wrap, plasters, tick removal and some general anti-inflammatory drugs).
  • Whistle (useful if you’ve fallen and badly hurt and don’t have coms)
  • Dead Rag (red rag to show you’re shot out)
  • BB’s (Pack extras)
  • Money + Backup money
  • Spare pair of clothes (Useful for if you get wet or when you have to drive home the next day)
  • Speedloaders (Bring a couple especially if you’re using different weight bb’s and label them!).
  • Grenades (Check with site-owners some may not be allowed).
  • Cleaning rags/barrel cleaner (Useful in case of a jam or dirt in the barrel).
  • Multi-Tool – Allen keys, etc.
  • Radio + Coms + Spare battery (Useful to keep in touch with friends/squad).
  • Tissues/Loo roll
  • Pen/Paper (Useful for writing down strategies)
  • Tape (Useful as a DIY fix when things eventually go wrong or as markers for mags to avoid mix up/dropped mags getting lost).

Overnight / Night game

  • Tent/Hammock
  • Torch (bring a spare)
  • Sleeping Mat (Little extra comfort can go a long way).
  • Sleeping Bag (Check your sleeping bag is rated to your environment).
  • Night Vision (Optional, fairly expensive but helps massively).
  • Chemlights/Glow sticks (These are used as dead rags in night games).

Mil-Sim Questions

Do I have to carry my pack the whole time?

No, typically you will not have to carry your pack the whole time you’re at a MilSim event, they’ll usually be drop off points, however, you should be able to carry your pack for at least a mile. I would also advise bringing an assault pack to carry all your water, snacks and medical kit, this pack you’ll carry the whole time you’re at the event. Also, you don’t have to use a military rucksack, you can use a civilian rucksack and buy a camouflage rain cover and now it looks like a military rucksack.

Can I run a Sniper?

Typically there will be limited slots for roles, as the sniper role is becoming more and more popular It’ll be advisable to check with organisers before attending, at MilSim west they allow 4 snipers per squad.

How many BB’s do we get?

Most Mil-Sims will limit ammunition, for example at Mil-sim west you’re limited to 500 rounds initial issue as a rifleman, 1500 rounds as an LMG and
3000 for MMG. In order to resupply you have to go to ammo caches.

If you plan to run an HPA setup or DMR/Sniper then you’ll need to bring your own ammunition to the event but will have to pack

Is HPA allowed at Mil-Sims?

Polarstars and HPA are typically allowed at MilSims, however, I would always check with the organises as some may have different rules. However typically although they will allow the use of HPA they will tend to limit RoF.

Hi-Cap Magazines

Hi-Cap magazines are usually banned from all Milsim events but it’s advisable to check this is to help improve the realism factor.

Why does MilSim have a bad reputation?

The Milsim community has a particularly community that is dedicated to making game modes as realistic as possible, some will even get upset or angry with players that aren’t taking game modes as seriously as themselves. Also some people may get upset over impression loadouts, including correct buttons, patches and medals. Some people can this is stolen valor and can be a particularly big deal especially if you’re wrongfully claiming you’ve earned them. However most are just ignorant of its meaning and once explained can understands that it’s of poor taste. Personally, I don’t mind it so long as they are LARPing (live-action role-playing) and not claiming to be military.

What airsoft gun should I bring to a Milsim?

This is completely up to you, although it is advisable to check whether you need to bring certain era weaponry if you’re attending special events e.g. WWII. Beyond that, I would check with organisers that certain “specialised” roles haven’t already been taken.

What age do I have to be to take part in a Mil-sim?

Typically Mil-sims are no different when it comes to age limits than a typical Skirmish day, allowing anyone over the age of 13 to play. However, not all Mil-Sims will allow under 18’s to play and even if they do all participants under the age of 18 will have to have a parental guardian sign a waiver.

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