VSR-10 Review and Upgrade Guide

Honest BAR-10/VSR-10 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019

VSR-10 Review and Upgrade Guide
Best Upgradable platform
TLDR: My personal go-to rifle is the TM-VSR-10 I've personally owned mine for around 3 years and although have had a few issues, I would replace it for anything. If I were to get another however I wouldn’t suggest necessarily buying a TM but would instead suggest one of the many clones as the price difference isn’t really reflected in the quality difference. My suggestion would be to look at the “CYMA 701B” or even the popular "JG BAR 10" both of which are outstanding value for money.
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Huge amount of information available
Fairly loud stock
Large number of aftermarket parts available
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Disassembly takes time

What is a VSR-10?

The VSR-10 is a licenced replica of the real steel Remington 700. A popular American made bolt-action rifle that’s unequalled in tactical precision.

Tokio Marui has been around since 1965 and is known for producing high-quality products. The TM-VSR was the go-to sniper for decades only recently having any real competition.

With the release of the VSR-10, there were two versions produced, the VSR-10 Pro and the VSR-10 G-Spec both of which were a pull bolt system. Over the years they also produced a VSR-10 Pro hunter G which was a faux wooden stocked rifle that boasts chrome externals and was provided with a ‘gun-sound radio’ that provided realistic sound effects. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as successful as the two predecessors and was only produced for one batch.

The VSR-10 has been by a go-to sniper for the longest time. In fact, I still have mine which I bought in 2014 and still run it as my primary all these years later. In the 5 years since I bought my VSR, there have been a number of new releases from the SSG to the SRS. So is the VSR-10 still up there in terms of quality? I think so and I’ll go on to explain why below.

Length 1075mm950/1135mm
Inner Barrel Length430mm303mm
Iron SightsYesNo
Magazine Capacity 3030

VSR-10 Upgrades 2019


Getting a high quality bucking like the Autobot is ideal for starting out although won’t immediately make your rifle great you also need a concave nab either the maple leaf or Skeee is ideal. The other alternative to the maple leaf Autobot is the TNT bucking or the new flamingo bucking by sniper mechanic which is received good feedback and I’m currently in the testing stages myself, a review of this bucking will be coming out shortly so be sure to subscribe!

Trigger, Spring and Piston

You’ll also want to upgrade your trigger set, spring and piston at the same time. I personally use the Laylax trigger which was the best trigger at the time of purchase. However now with new upgrades becoming available, I would suggest getting a 90-degree bull trigger or otherwise the Springer customs 90-degree trigger. Alongside this, I would suggest getting the Springer custom piston and spring guide or the W.A.S.P Piston and Spring guide depending on your budget. As for springs you have the option of a couple of different brands currently the go-to option is Rapex springs or PDI I’m yet to try out the Rapex springs but I’ve heard good things.

Inner Barrel

You’ll then want to move on to upgrading your barrel there’s a couple of good options here the go-to for the past years and my personal favourite barrel is the Crazy Jet by Maple Leaf. However, if that is out of stock or you want to try something different there is also the TNT Barrel. Again I am yet to try out this barrel but will hopefully get round to it this year and will update accordingly.


You might not need to upgrade the cylinder however it is advisable to do so with the stock cylinder you have to remove the pin which holds the cylinder head in place to do this you will have to drill it out which may cause problems further down the line I personally have an Action Army Teflon Cylinder and I’m yet to have any issues. If you’re after something a little less expensive you could also get a Maple Leaf Cylinder as I’ve heard the two cylinders are very close in terms of quality, the big difference for me was that the Teflon Cylinder is black and therefore is more inconspicuous. As I play stealthily with an mk23 and leafsuit I’d prefer to remain as hidden as possible.

VSR-10 DIY upgrades

Top Down Centre (TDC)

When it comes to DIY upgrades the first and foremost upgrades I would suggest anyone is a TDC which stands for top town centre this mod allows you to adjust the hop up on the fly with incremental adjustments rather than the stock slider on the side of the outer barrel. if you don’t want to drill into outer barrel oh there is an alternative instead you could use the Action Army Hopup Chamber which has a built-in TDC. The only issue with this is to adjust on the fly you have to remove the magazine and adjust from the mag well. I’d personally suggest if you want to TDC but don’t have the experience I don’t want to risk doing it yourself that you contact a tech. My suggestion would be gunsmithy, he also has his own TDC and hopup arm which works with the original hop up chamber and is possibly the best hopup arm available at the moment.


If you would like to run a suppressor you have two options you can either buy a suppressor or internally silence the gun by running a short inner barrel. this is the approach I took as I am actually running a ball barrel due to my original outer barrel becoming bent. As for materials for the suppressor I have found two options work really well the first is the role of foam which can be for boot from Screwfix and the other is carpet rolled up if you plan to go the car. It is a little bit more of a hassle but has been shown to outperform the roller foam. Another good alternative is to use Scotch-Brite cut into baffles. You may be able to find something else that works for you I would suggest looking for anything that’s open cell.

Barrel stabilisers

When it comes to supporting the inner barrel you want to remove the stock plastic barrel stabiliser, which can be a little difficult. To create your own inner barrel spacers get some masking tape and begin wrapping your barrel over and over and over again until you get it to the correct width of the inner diameter of your outer barrel. Depending on your barrel length you want a couple of these running down the length of the barrel ideally spaced equally.

Reduce VSR-10 Stock Echo/Vibrations

The VSR is totally hollow it tends to echo and amplify the sound of each shot to counter this it’s best to find a sound absorbent material to fill some of the hollow crevices, this reduces vibration and intern significantly reduces the sound of the rifle. I found open-cell foam works best but people have been known to use anything from expandable foam (very messy) to towels or even Play-Doh. Just experiment and find what works best for you.

VSR-10 Review

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