New Novritsch SSX-23 review & Comparison 2019

New Novritsch SSX-23 review & Comparison 2019
New Novritsch SSX-23 review & Comparison 2019
Overall I believe the Novritsch SSX 23 could be a good alternative to the mk23. However, I do believe that the price is a little bit misleading. Out of the box, it doesn't come with a suppressor, with the addition of the suppressor bumping the price up to 185 euros plus delivery. An additional 45 euro over the stock TM Mk23 which includes a suppressor and LAM unit out of the box. The optional CO2 magazine with the SSX23 is a nice touch, however, although many MK23 users have found ways around the issue of colder temperatures by using Mapp gas. Additionally, the standard barrel, bucking and TDC will likely still need to be swapped out for the Hadron H-plate & TDC to get the most out of the pistol as stock it seems to only really push BB’s out to 60m. Again nothing to shrug off but not quite as good as the upgraded MK23 with Hadron Upgrades.
Effective Range
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Aluminum Slide
Preupgraded alternative to the Mk23
GBB compatible
CO2 Mags
Comes with a Autobot bucking
Doesn't include silencer
Not as effective as an upgraded Mk23
Novritschs team has poor customer care
Cheap Barrel


With the release of the SSX23 on the 9th August, I thought I’d get round to doing a review just based on the information released by Novritsch himself & some feedback from the few pre-testers. This is by no means a comprehensive review & I do not own the SSX-23 as of yet.

Mk23 vs SSX-23 review

Cost£135 for a TM & £55 for a ASG + Delivery €135, €185 with the suppressor + Delivery
Range40m stock, 80m upgraded60m stock, 80m upgraded
SuppressorTM aluminium / ASG Plastic with barrel extension (will need to be removed) Aluminium Barrel with adjustable size.
Inner Barrel 132mm aluminium 144mm 6.02 precision inner barrel (brass)
BuckingTM 60 degree bucking / ASG 60-degree bucking50-degree Autobot
BB weightStock .25g, Upgraded any weight even up to .48s -10°C – 10°C 0.36g 11°C – 50°C 0.28g
Magazine CapacityTM 28 BBs, ASG 25 BBs 24 BBs
Slide Weight47 Grams107 Grams
SightsIron SightsFibre Optic Iron Sights

The price difference between TM Mk23, ASG Mk23 & the SSX-23

Gun£135£55135 Euro (£125.19)
SuppressorFree (Aluminum)Free (Plastic)50 Euro (£46.37)
Bucking£9 50-degree Maple Leaf Autobot£9 50-degree Maple Leaf Autobot Free 50-degree Maple Leaf Autobot
BarrelCrazy Jet ( £24.95) Crazy Jet ( £24.95) Crazy Jet ( £24.95)
H-PlateH.A.D H-Plate £3.49 H.A.D H-Plate £3.49 Has flat stainless steel plate but doesn’t perform as well as the H.A.D H-Plate £3.49
TDCH.A.D M-TDC cover £16 H.A.D M-TDC cover £16 Has Injection-moulded fibre-reinforced nylon TDC but if using H.A.D H-Plate I’d suggest also upgrading to the H.A.D M-TDC cover £16
Total£188.44 (no delivery) £108.44£216

Note: The SSX-23 will have an Aluminum slide & adjustable suppressor, the ASG although almost half the price of both the TM & the SSX-23 it has a load of issues and shortcuts made during manufacture that will need to be ironed out e.g. Plastic Suppressor, the extended inner barrel needs to be removed etc.

My thoughts

My thoughts on the SSX-23 initially a little disappointed I was expecting and innovative product with some of the characteristics of an mk23 especially after love Rich himself joined the mk23 owner’s group on Facebook and asked the community what features they would like to see or improve within the mk23. a few of the easier recommendations were implemented such as CO2 magazines and every design for the magazine release catch however it does seem like the SSX 23 was a bit of a cop-out. implementing a metal side was a nice approach and certainly added some rigidity to the slide however the TDC and stainless steel plate was disappointing, to say the least. It simply looks as if he’s tried to copy the hadron TDC and H play and indirectly not improved upon the design at all, in fact, the flat plate hinders range only being able to push out to around 60 m compared to an upgraded TM which can easily reach 70-80  metres.

Issues with the SSX-23

Gas Routers

The new gas routers aren’t as great as I would have liked. They were redesigned to prevent sticky trigger, the rubber material used in the new gas routers is less grippy, which does in turn aid nozzle return. However, unfortunately, QC on the routers has not been the highest priority and the mould lines are still very clearly visible. In some cases they moulding lines have even been known to hinder performance, it’s nothing a sharp knife couldn’t fit but just another shortcut that the Novritsch team has taken which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Aluminium Slide

The Aluminum slide has also been known to have fitment issues on the TM in combination with the Hadron TDC. The fitment on a TM Mk23 is fairly tight and the machining/casting of the slide tends to not mesh very well in combination with the Hadron TDC. Although the slide was not directly designed to fit the MK23 it would have been a nice addition. If you’re planning on running the SSX Slide on the TM you’ll need to file certain areas inside of the slide in order for the slide to return correctly as otherwise, the slide doesn’t return correctly when pulled back.

Improvements I’d like to have seen

 I would love to have seen the TDC be redesigned to include a thumbscrew, allowing on the fly adjustments to the hopup to be made without the need alley key. Additionally, as the SSX-23 is already using an Autobot 50-degree bucking from Maple Leaf it would have been nice to see the addition of a crazy jet barrel rather than a “precision” 6.02mm brass barrel. finally, the biggest complaint from Mk23 user Facebook group was the overall size of the mk23, it has a massive grip and would have been nice to see him attempt an entirely new design for a smaller profile similar to that of the ICS PM2 NBB design.

Note: This is an on-going review & will be subject to change.

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