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Minimal Upgrades needed
The Novritsch SSP1 has come with a fair amount of hate like similarly to the SSG. However, if you talk to the people that have actually purchased one the majority seem incredibly happy with the purchase.
Effective Range8
Reader Rating16 Votes9
Fairly cheap
Replacement parts are available
CO2 & Green Gas compatibility
CNC aluminium slide/frame
Threaded Outer barrel
Magazines include nineball router
Huge Facebook group for any problems / upgrade advice
Aluminium Inner barrel
No interchangeable grip
Novritschs team has poor customer care

General Comments

Novritsch has finally got round to publishing his own pistol in the way of the SSP1. It’s a Hi-Capa model so parts will be interchangeable/upgradable depending on the company. In the box, you’ll receive a gun case with Novritsch SSP1, a gun case and 1 pistol magazine Co2 or green gas depending on what you decided to purchase. It’s currently being sold for €135.00 which I personally think is very reasonable for a good performing pistol that works on either Co2 or green gas. Both the Co2 and green gas magazine hold a capacity of 31bb’s having the option to use either green gas or co2 is perfect for anyone that lives in a cooler climate as you will be able to swap out between machines depending on temperature. Stock the pistol comes pre-upgraded and will shoot 1,2J / 360fps on C02 and 0.8J on green gas according to the Novritsch website.


The gun comes with a CNC’d finished aluminium slide, a steel sear and hammer and includes a high-quality rubber lip seal for improved gas efficiency and also has a long list of accessories available if that suits your style.

It does seem to be very similar to the KJW just with a Frankenstein mixture of parts styles slides and frames however as the price difference is so insignificant being €15 difference I really don’t see any real advantage to buy the KJW over the SSP1.

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