Novritsch Full Thrust Kit Review

Novritsch Full Thrust Review & Comments

Novritsch Full Thrust Kit Review
Novritsch Full Thrust Review & Comments
Although I think the Novritsch thrust system is an innovative and interesting idea I do have some reservations from upgrading my VSR to the full thrust system. Festival UK limits for most sites are capped at 2.3 joules, and from what I've seen at this lower joule limit the system doesn't seem to perform nearly as well as US limits. another worry is the quality of the bucking and brass barrel that is included in the kit compared to that of some of the premium quality brands such as EdGi, Maple-Leaf PDI and TNT. It'll be interesting to see how not only the UK Fields respond to the Novritsch full thrust system but also how individuals get on with the kits. I'm keen to keep a close eye on the topic and may eventually decide to upgrade if some other companies get involved. For instance, TNT has already released their own 6.44 mm barrels I’m just a little worried having Novritsch as a Monopoly especially as the BB’s are so pricey.
Effective Range
Value for Money
Ease of Install
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At higher Joules will outperform 6mm
Limited to Noverisch BB's
TDC needs an allen key over a turret.
Doesn't fit AAC (need to drill out hole)

Disclaimer, I don’t personally own the Full Thrust System *all comments have been passed to me for many external owners.

The Math: Does it checkout?

TLDR: Yes, the math does checkout but it is not nearly as straight forward as one might assume.

General Feedback

Credit: Novritsch


Although Novritsch has finally recognised the importance of running a TDC, the TDC provided with the SSG24 Full Thrust Kit is just straight up useless and overly complicated. A simple turret system like the community has been using for years would have been a significant improvement at little to no extra cost, just sloppy design work in my opinion. That being said It’s a nice improvement over the traditional side hopup lever.

If you’re using the MARS rail you’ll need to drill another hole & you can’t access the hopup screw with your scope attached (Novritch scope) as it’s too large and covers the grub screw. That being said if you do a turret TDC mod you’ll still be able to adjust hop on the fly & won’t need the grub screw.

Novritsch Full Thrust Review & Comments
Full Thrust Hopup Chamber


I think the cost for the entire kit is fairly reasonable, I am personally holding off purely because it’s an entirely new concept & I am waiting on some testers outside of YouTubers to review the product further.

Potential issues

Mixing BBs

Imagine, breaks almost over you’ve left filling your mags until the last second and you fill your brand new pistol accidentally with a bunch of 6.44’s go to shoot and… yeah not a pretty sight.

TDC alignment

With the new Novritsch kit if you plan on using the TDC you will have to drill into your outer barrel, a scary prospect for those that may not have done it once or twice before. That being said Novritsch has thought this through relatively well and included not only a drill template but also the drill bit, a nice touch if you ask me.

Cheating the Chrono

With people already taking massive advantage of Joule creep I can only imagine what an addition .1 gram will be able to achieve, that being said it will force sites to chronograph on the weight that the rifle will be shooting instead of on .2’s ideally removing joule creep. This would be a nice touch but I can see the whole system being abused, for example, by running a 5.95 bb through the rifle you’ll see a significant drop in the guns joules due to the wide bore then swapping back to the correct size you’ll see a significant increase 2J+ maybe.

BB Manufactures

Having to buy your BB’s directly from Novritsch is the main off-put for me personally paying €15.85 + shipping (€8.00) would become fairly pricey considering you’re only getting 444pcs per bottle, as opposed to BLS £19.95 + shipping for 1000pcs

Legal / Insurance Issues
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