KMCS Review

KMCS Ghilliesuit Review

KMCS Review
KMCS Ghilliesuit Review
The KMCS, new leaf suit that was released by Kicking Mustang on June 17th 2019. The first batch of 100 suits sold out within 5 minutes so are in incredibly hot demand. The suit comes with an oversized hood, randomised leaf strips, elastic straps to retain natural vegetation and long cuffs that extend over the back of the hands to stop sleeves rising up. It is however priced on the higher end, costing £180 but if you’re looking for one of the better quality leafsuit then it may be the go-to option.
Mesh Strength
Colour Tones
Value for Money
Crafting Needed
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Incredibility strong mesh
Doesn't need much crafting
Natural vegetation retaining system
Has some amazing colour tones
Includes unique features
Premium Price
Sold out quickly
Only available on
Lots of drama surrounding the KMCS

The kicking Mustang Leaf suit Has finally been released to the market and was a resounding success having sold 100 suits within 5 minutes. although it has not been without its speculation and criticism. Many people accusing him of rebranding a Berkana leafsuit, personally I can see enough of a difference between the two suits to easily say that the KMCS is still worth the heavy price tag of £160 the only thing I wish is that it also was to include leafy gloves and a veil as an additional option or better yet to come with the package. Otherwise you’re currently stuck using a Jack Pyke veil and currently, there is no good option for ‘leafy gloves’. I’m hoping he’ll release a summer version as the colour tones are outstanding for winter tones but when it comes to summer I can still see the suit needing a large amount of crafting although as a base it certainly is very solid and looks and feels like it will outlast most existing suits.


KMCS Wrist Concealment System

Extended Cuff Design

One of the better designs that Kicking Mustang integrated into this suit was the addition of these extended cuffs which help to conceal the backside of your hands. it also includes elasticated thumb slots o stop the sleeves from riding up which is a wonderful feature and something I haven’t seen before. The elastic is also very strong and won’t rip off easily especially as the mesh itself is incredibly rouged.

Randomised Leaf pattern

Unlike many Leaf suits available on the market the KMCS uses a random Leaf pattern which helps to break-up that outline and removes all Linear patterns. this helps to mimic the forest floor and its realistic colours help to resemble fallen leaves.

KMCS Ghilliesuit Review
KMCS Ghilliesuit Review

Elasticated retention system

One of the key features that are totally unique to the KMCS is the elasticated retention system. This allows the addition of natural material to be added to the suit during game days. The ability to add natural vegetation into a suit significantly improves its effectiveness in different terrains and seasons. The attached elastic is sewn on well and I don’t see it ripping or coming loose easily.  

Oversized Hood

One of the key standout features is the oversize Hood which allows the user to break-up the silhouette of the shoulder/head profile and allow it to be worn over a helmet or baseball cap. it can also be adjusted using a two-way drawstring that allows the hood to be tied back, opening up your field of view or loosened once in a hide to better conceal your face and rifle scope.

KMCS Ghilliesuit Review
KMCS Ghilliesuit Review

Large holed mesh

The KMCS features a mesh the has large circular holed mesh which significantly helps with adding raffia, burlap and zip ties over the standard fine mesh. It is also much stronger than the standard mesh used on leafsuits as the threads are much more tightly woven.

Extended back

The KMCS also features an extended back on the jacket which helps to stop skin being exposed when crawling or when prone.

KMCS Ghilliesuit Review
KMCS Ghilliesuit Review

Buttons instead of zips

The KMCS also features a button over zips which is a huge improvement over the typical leafsuit designs. The advantage of using buttons over zips is when you start to add additional vegetation or natural vegetation to the suit some of this material tends to get in the way of zips and can jam the teeth stopping the zip from being any to move. Additionally, zips are incredibly difficult to fix if they’re broken whereas buttons can just be sewn on fairly easily.

Integrated Storage Pouch

The KMCS leafsuit when not is use fits nicely into an integrated storage pouch which is sewn into the suit and just sits nicely on the inside back of the suit while you wear it. It isn’t uncomfortable in any way and you don’t notice it while wearing the suit, all in all, a really nice feature to have for storage purposes. Although it must be said that to avoid mould it would be best to dry out the suit before storing it away like this.

KMCS Ghilliesuit Review

Massive shoutout to Jake Dowling for sending me these wonderful high-quality images! You can check out his Instagram here.

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What is base of the mesh? Jack pyke woodland/ english oak? of a own design. Looks like a jackpyke english oak design.

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