ICS PM2 Review

ICS PM2 NBB Review

ICS PM2 Review
ICS PM2 NBB Review
Effective Range
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NBB ideal for silent kills
All metal build
Compact size
Runs C02
13 round magazines
Fairly expensive

Inital Thoughts

The ICS PM2 is potentially an upcoming gem within the sniper community, for years the go-to secondary for most snipers has been the Mk23, a large NBB pistol that runs off green gas, has incredible accuracy and range and is deadly silent. People were looking to the ICS PM2 as a potential step up from the Mk23 as the Mk isn’t without its faults, a plastic slide, expensive mags, slopping trigger and large profile to name a few.

Range & Accuracy Tests

From the inital testing of the ICS PM2 it doesn’t lookng like it can compete with an Mk23 out of the box, however most comparisons have been comparing it to a heavy upgraded Mk23 with Hadron TDC, H-plates and an upgraded barrel & bucking. I’m currently looking foward to some additional tests when some people get round to testing the piston with some upgrade internals and a few DIY mods are discovered.


The ICS compared to a standard un-upgraded Mk23 seems to be similar in sound although the MK does have more of a ‘thud’ in comparison. It’ll be interesting to see how it’ll compare with some ofter market suppressors have been fitted.

ICS PM2 NBB Review
Credit: Mountaineers


The ICS PM2 size wise is great, even with the large suppressor attached it’s equivalent to around half the size of its main competitor the Mk23. If the community can figure out how to significantly improve the accuracy and range of the PM2 I can really see it taking the number 1 spot for a sniper secondary, but only time will tell.

ICS PM2 NBB Review


The Magazine for the PM2 is fairly unique, it doesn’t hold massive capacity being limited to 13 rounds per mag, here I think it would have been nice to have seen a double stacked mag to increase the capacity to 25/27 especially since there seems to be space to do so.

Another thing about the ICS magazine is that it doesn’t contain any of the gas, instead, the Co2 canister is replaced within the pistol handle. When I first heard this I thought it was an amazing choice but after seeing the price of the magazine has remained high (Around £20) I was a little disappointed especially because of the low capacity.

The ability to run Co2 is a great choice too as unlike green gas it’s not nearly as affected by temperate and for anyone living in a colder climate this means not having to run different gases depending on the temperature.

ICS PM2 NBB Review

Mk23 vs PM2 Comparison

Credit: Fubar SpecOps

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Andrew Innes

You’ve put upgradeablikity as an 8.5. What can you upgrade as from what I’ve seen most the internals like hope and barrel are proprietary.

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