A&K M24 Review & Upgrade Guide

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019

A&K M24 Review & Upgrade Guide
Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019
The A&K M24 is the VSR-10 contender, it has possibly one of the best cost to performance level stock rifles I have found to date. The fact a stock A&K M24 does not only come with steel internals but also a 90-degree trigger is outrageous in the current market, I wish other manufacturers would take note. The only thing that lets this amazing platform down is the lack up upgrade parts. However, now that the SSG is on the market I'm hoping many of these upgrade parts will be compatible and with a bit of tinkering can perform just as well for half the price.
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Comes with steel Internals
Fits nicely in your shoulder
Great budget option
Decent out of the box
Cocking is a bit rough
Fairly heavy
Needs some basic modifications
Removing the cylinder head can be awkward
Upgrade parts are limited

A&K M24 Review


With the release of the Novritsch SSG 24, I decided I would go back and do a review of the A&K M24, all in all, I have incredibly impressed with the platform it has some amazing quality internals including a 90-degree trigger stock and is really affordable, only costing £169.95 from Skrimshop and can be found even cheaper if you’re from the US. Either way for that price the gun is exceptional and can easily be a sub £200 SSG-24 contender. Check out our review of the best Snipers from 2019 or Our Top sniper secondary review

The stock is solid and has some weight to it and it also has a nice texture. Doesn’t feel like cheap plastic like some airsoft rifles. Adjustable buttpad has a little wobble but nothing major. The receiver is made of aluminium The fluted outer barrel is also made of aluminium.

The magazines are made out of plastic. A little bit stiff fit inside the mag well once inserted. May need to press a little bit extra to get them locked into place


The A&K M24 stock is an Injection moulded shell similar to that of the VSR-10 the main difference that you first notice is that the A&K M24 stock has a stippling effect over the entire body. I personally don’t like the overall feel of this however I found after some time you just got used to it and with gloves on I tended to find I didn’t even really notice it.

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019


The A&K M24 accept all VSR type buckings with a slight difference in barrel alignment grooves, I would suggest at minimum to disassemble the rifle and give the entire gun a good clean as coming from the factory it’ll often have release agents and grease due to the manufacturing process.

Bucking Upgrade

As the gun can take VSR buckings I’d probably suggest picking up a Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking or potentially one of the new Flamingo buckings by Sniper Mechanic as the bucking is one of the few components that’ll give you a significant improvement in accuracy and range.

Trigger, Spring and Piston

One of the surprising things with the A&K M24 is that the Trigger is not only made out of steel but is also a 90-degree trigger, ideal if you plan on running higher joules, this is almost completely unheard of in a stock rifle. The spring guide is the same story and is also made out of steel and comes with bearings to allow the spring to rotate, The Piston, on the other hand, is made out of aluminium and has an integrated rubber sorbo head to help reduce noise, which it does quite effectively.

Trigger, Spring and Piston

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019

As the trigger is a steel 90 degree system I only really see a point in upgrading it if the stock one were to break, if you’re on a budget to increase the joules I would potentially suggest modifying the stock piston by simply wrapping the lead tape around the stock piston to increase weight this will result in an increase in joules. The piston can’t be upgraded very easily due to its odd sizing the piston is unique, it’s the length of an APS-2 piston, but the outer diameter is exactly the same as VSR-10.  The A&K m24 can take both 7mm VSR springs or 11mm APS-2 springs, if you’re planning on upgrading the spring I’d suggest you got for the larger APS-2 springs for the easier cocking however you’ll need to upgrade your spring guide accordingly. The Action army type 96 150 spring as this tends to fit perfectly (recommended), It can also take the WELL 550 fps spring, the Airsoftpro VSR 145 spring and potentially some standard VSR springs like the action army 170 spring fit but some people have noticed that the VSR springs can get stuck inside the piston once inserted.

Inner Barrel

The Inner Barrel is a standard brass bridged barrel, it seems to be a 510mm 6.08 bridged barrel and has some sort of plastic barrel spacers which are included in the inner barrel and accepts VSR style buckings when you first get this rifle it’s suggested you give it a good clean with the barrel rod and some rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol).

Inner Barrel Upgrades

Exploaded View

I’d suggest if you plan on replacing this Inner barrel to pick up a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel. Although the stock rifle uses a 510mm barrel I’d suggest you run a 430mm barrel and use the 80mm of space for internal suppression so you don’t need to run a suppressor to get nozzle report down. Otherwise, you can buy a 510mm barrel and run a suppressor however this will significantly increase the length of this already long rifle.


The cylinder is no different, also steel it does have a brass cylinder head however unlike the VSR there is no rivet that you have to drill out, this allows you to swap out parts quickly and easily in your wish and also doesn’t require you to upgrade the cylinder if you don’t want to. Unfortunately, the backplate of the cylinder is held on with a pin which can have a tendency to fall out over long periods of use so this may need replacing later on. The cylinder head is made of brass, has rubber at the bottom to reduce noise

A&K M24 Cylinder

Hopup chamber

The A&K M24 Chamber is only slightly different to the VSR chamber the main difference being its slightly smaller in diameter so some parts aren’t compatible, it does, however, take most VSR style hopup arms. The hopup is also adjusted the same was as the VSR with a sliding dial. The hop-up arm/lever is made of plastic and I do recommend to replace it. To use another nub with stock lever it needs to be modified.

In order to take VSR barrel, the hop chamber has to be modified and 2 barrel alignment nubs need to be filed down.

A&K M24 Upgrade Guide

Top-Down Centre (TDC)

Adding a TDC to this rifle is no different to a VSR, the hopup chamber is practically identical, as it also takes VSR style hopup arms it should take Smithys hopup arm and TDC.

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019

PTFE Threads

When dissembling the rifles I would suggest you do a few DIY mods such using some Teflon tape around the threads to get a perfect seal and also potentially upgrading the O-ring on the piston as the stock one doesn’t seem to seal great. If you’re having trouble with spring vibration/noise you can also cut up a can and wrap it so it fits in the inside of the piston to remove wobble between the spring and the piston.

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019


When it comes to adding a suppressor be careful to check with your local laws, for the US most states prohibit the use of a “silencer/suppressor” even for RIFs however if you’re able to add a suppressor the addition of open-cell foam can have an amazing improvement of the barrel report and significantly reduce the overall sound of the shot, great for any stealth gameplay.

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019

Barrel stabilisers

You’ll also want to add some barrel spaces along the inner barrel to help secure it and reduce vibrations along the inner barrel thus increasing your accuracy. To do this remove your inner barrel and wrap them with masking tape until it becomes a tight fit with the outer barrel, you’ll want to do this 3 times down the length of the inner barrel to reduce vibrations as much as possible. For a full guide on this modification check out Airsoft sniper forums post of the topic.

Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019

Reduce VSR-10 Stock Echo/Vibrations

Again to reduce the sound of the vibrations It’s suggested to pack the stock with any sound dampening you can use. Some people will suggest the use of memory foam however I found this to be a little overkill any open-cell foam seemed to work well for me or otherwise if you’re looking for a more solid and heavy stock then you might prefer to use an expandable foam or old clothes and towel are the next best thing.

Final Thoughts

Current Upgrades

Here is a list of what I have done to my A&K M24 and what parts I have upgraded the rifle with.

  • Modified cylinder due to lost pins
  • Modified hopup unit to fit an upgraded inner barrel
  • Modified stock hop-up arm/lever to fit an upgraded nub
  • Teflon tape mod on the cylinder head and hop up for better air seal
  • Action Army type 96 150 spring
  • Maple leaf 60 Autobot bucking
  • Maple leaf omega nub
  • Maple leaf crazy jet 640 mm inner barrel
  • Silencer adapter
  • Silencer (modified to reduce noise)
  • DIY Barrel spacers
  • Modified magazines to make it easier to replace.
  • TDC mod
  • Camo tape for better grip
  • Custom camo
  • Also stripped down the rifle 100% for cleaning and so forth once I got it.

With these parts and mods, I was able to get a velocity of 127-130 ms with ASG 0.40 bbs, range 70+ meters.

All in all the Rifle is one of the best options for anyone on a limited budget and I would highly suggest this rifle. For the money, you get a lot of good internal parts stock than most sniper rifles lack. The rifle performance quite good out of the box but once upgraded it a good solid competition against other sniper rifles. Though to get the rifle work properly you need to put in a bit of work/tinkering. And replace a couple of internal parts the get the most out of the rifle. The only big drawback is the lack of spare or specific a&k m24 upgrade parts on the market that is directly drop-in, unfortunately.

Sniper Mechanic has also done a comprehensive review of the A&K M24 comparing it closely to the Novritsch SSG.

Special thanks to the-finnish_one who helped me with this review. You can find him on Instagram here.

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Best rifle ever


Where can i get a replacement cylinder, and is the cylinder vsr spec

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304 North Cardinal St.
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