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Heroshark Review
Updated Heroshark Mesh Review 2019
My overall thought of the Heroshark goggles is that of a positive outlook, although many people have their issues with mesh for myself I give them a massive thumbs up! No more fogging, ideal for any leafsuit / ghillie suits users that seem to fog just about anything and no annoying fans that are loud and obnoxious to listen to for hours on end. Yes, there is a slight risk to running mesh but is it more or less risky than fogging, or non-full seal glasses, probably not. Anyway, I'll leave it up to you to make your own decision on the goggles, if you have any questions you can find Heroshark on Facebook, Instagram or on his website all of which I'll link below.
Reader Rating3 Votes8.6
Stamped Steel
Does Custom Jobs
No fogging ever
Better for consealment
Can have a long wait period
Mesh is sometimes banned
Small risk due to mesh


Heroshark is well known within the sniper community as someone who manufactures high quality mesh personal protection equipment specifically goggles and face protection for Airsoft. In this review, we will be covering the three sets of goggles he produces. the Spear Tooth (£29), Viper (£33) and Mako (£34 also my current pair) as well as many other mesh-based products including face protection and personal protection gear.

Updated Heroshark Mesh Review 2019
5 / 5 Facebook reviews
Updated Heroshark Mesh Review 2019
Spear Tooth
Updated Heroshark Mesh Review 2019
Updated Heroshark Mesh Review 2019


I personally find my pair of Makos to be one of the more comfortable goggles, unlike the Bolle tracker (frame of the Makos) which contain an elasticated strap Heroshark also adds a pull string that can be used either in combination or additionally to the elasticated strap. I personally find it more comfortable without the strap myself as I find the elastic a bit strong over time and begins to cut off circulation giving me headaches.  


Obviously, because all of the googles are made from stamped steel mesh fogging is no longer an issue (hence why it’s used by many snipers who respire more than most due to dense ghillie/leaf suits. 


Like with all mesh people are always concerned about the safety of the product especially with either the mesh breaking or otherwise BB’s splintering and going into your eyes.

I can honestly say in the 2 years I have owned & been running the goggles it has happened to me once. It was a little surprised at the time and I was got good from about 5 meters, however, after respawning and washing my eyes out with some water I found that I could still continue playing.

Herosharks response to safety

“There is always a chance. Has happened to me about 10 times from what I can remember over 17 years playing approximately twice a month on average. So approx 408 games and 10 times is pretty good odds and a risk I personally am happy to take. The real question is at what point does a bb splinter become dangerous. Taking in factors of range, bb weight, bb composition and power of the weapon there will be a point where it is. At UK limits and rules it does not worry me though. But that is just my take on it you may want to watch my mesh test videos. I do not intend to convince you, either way, you are best making your own decision“.

My 2 cents

My view is this, I am yet to see anyone sustain a serious injury wearing mesh, that being said I’d first hand witnessed people injuring themselves due to fogging. Especially newer players tripping over, lifting goggles to wipe and clothesline themselves with low hanging branches. I personally see it as a calculated risk and playing in 2.3J believe that I am perfectly fine especially with any high quality stamped steel. (test have been done up to 4.7J & still not penetrated the steel).

low grade 0.12g BB Mesh test.

On with the show. I hope you found my previous video enlightening now here's the interesting bit for people to freak out about. I've been asked to do this before but I upped the quality on the camera I was using at the time to find it would not upload. Also the result wasn't as dramatic. So I thought I would give it another go and show you. As said before I am using different camera to my usual one in an attempt to get some better detail but it's very slow to focus so I hope my words are enough. This is what happens when you fire an incredibly brittle 0.12g bb at point blank range into my mesh with a 345fps & 450fps gun both measured on 0.2g bb. Note this is a worst case scenario and it is not good, but in the intrest of transparancy I am showing you as I have nothing to hide. I have tried this with other 0.12g bbs some of which were fine as per the proper weight skirmishable bbs in my previous test, some a little more breakable to different degrees but these are the worst I had and that is what I wanted to show you. If you folks are intrested I cold show you results with different 0.12g bbs but it wouldn't be as exciting. God forbid anyone would use anything like this in the field in a decent gun I've seen it once and fortunatly their gun jammed after a few rounds but like I said I'm here to show you the worst case scenario.

Posted by Heroshark on Saturday, 7 July 2018
0.25g & 0.4g Mesh test

So firstly my intention was to get better quality set of videos and place them all in an easy to reference album but that has failed. You can't make an album of videos and although better image quality than my camera phone this camera is very slow to focus and will not focus close up. Not to mention the many previous attempts I have made using this camera where it cut out or I've forgotten to do something. So I am forging on ahead and successively posting this set of videos regardless. This first video will show you point blank shooting tests of both styles of mesh I supply. Firstly being hit by 345fps gun measured on 0.2g bbs firing a 0.25g bb and then a 450fps gun measured on 0.2g bbs firing a 0.4g bb. As I've been asked I'm gonna follow this up with what happens when you shoot crappy brittle 0.12g bbs at them using the same 2 guns I'm using here.

Posted by Heroshark on Friday, 6 July 2018


Some people have complained that they sustain headaches when using mesh due to the restriction of vision, although I haven’t had it this severe I did notice with some mesh It would impair my ability to see properly due to limited light, thus straining my eyes. Fortunately, Heroshark offers hex mesh which offers better light transmission with up to 64% of it being open compared to the 50% with circular mesh. It does slightly affect the overall strength of the mesh but I haven’t noticed any real difference between the two at UK limits (2.3 joules). Furthermore, the inside of the mesh is painted white which further helps when it comes to wearing mesh in low light situations.


” I use Heroshark mesh for cqb, I understand there is a slight risk of fragments passing through but these fragments have lost all the energy to cause damage and it’s no worse than getting a bit of dirt or grit in your eye (in 6 years I’ve yet to have any bbs shatter and go through). It’s safer for me to wear mesh, when I fog up I can’t see where I’m going (high risk of slip, trip or fall) or who I’m aiming at, there is also the temptation to lift the goggles to clean them. The stamped steel mesh is the only one I would use, the woven mesh isn’t strong enough and can cause shattering of bbs.” – Ben Leaver

“I’ve been Airsofting for 15 odd years and most of that I’ve worn Heroshark mesh goggles. NEVER had anything come through the mesh of significantly damage them. That’s despite nearly all my Airsofting being CQB, mostly in a tunnel system where it’s full auto, up close and personal with no bang rule!
Just about the whole team where’s Hero shark mesh glasses or goggles.
I wouldn’t wear anybody else’s mesh apart from Heroshark.” – Chris Coombs


“Can I buy just the mesh lens & fit them myself?”

You can although Heroshark has mentioned that he wouldn’t suggest it, as he can’t guarantee the fitting if you have installed it yourself.

“Can I put inserts inside these?”

Heroshark offers a lens kit however I didn’t find it very useful as I found I fogged the inserts almost immediately and quickly removed them afterwards (I wear a leafsuit and veil so you may find your experience differs.

“Conventional eyeglasses will not fit under. You have an insert (essentially a tiny glasses frame) which fits inside which you get glazed with your prescription. Only in the mako though there are other models that have this but most cost, even more, these are the most cost-effective frames I’ve found for using insert frames.”

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