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Updated Heroshark Mesh Review 2019

Heroshark Review
Introduction Heroshark is well known within the sniper community as someone who manufactures high quality mesh personal protection equipment specifically goggles and face protection for Airsoft. In this review, we will be covering the three sets of goggles he produces.…

ICS PM2 NBB Review

ICS PM2 Review
Inital Thoughts The ICS PM2 is potentially an upcoming gem within the sniper community, for years the go-to secondary for most snipers has been the Mk23, a large NBB pistol that runs off green gas, has incredible accuracy and range…


General Comments Novritsch has finally got round to publishing his own pistol in the way of the SSP1. It’s a Hi-Capa model so parts will be interchangeable/upgradable depending on the company. In the box, you’ll receive a gun case with…

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