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Airsoft MilSim preparations?

What is a MilSim? MilSim is an abbreviation for ‘military simulator’, It refers to realistic simulations of armed confrontations. This term is often used in airsoft, paintball or laser tag games where realism, military tactics and scenarios are a high…

Airsoft Frequently Asked Questions

Airsoft FAQ
General Airsoft Questions Does Airsoft hurt? If the rules are followed correctly then there should be no reason why anyone would get hurt playing. However, Airsoft guns can have much higher ROF (rate of fire). While snipers can have much…

Parents Guide to Airsoft 2019

A parent’s guide to Airsoft, what age is acceptable to let my child play airsoft? How expensive in airsoft? Is it Dangerous? And many other questions are answered below! What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a military simulation-based sport/hobby which uses…

Airsoft Beginner Gear 2019

So you’ve decided to take the leap and purchase some of your own gear, good choice! Below I’ll cover some of the gear I would require for Airsofters when they first start out in the sport. Essential Gear 1. Clothing…

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