Camo-Pen Review

2019 Camo-Pen Review Ideal for Camouflage

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What is it?

Credit: Sniperbuddy Fabi

Camo-pen is a new innovative product Chris H (Founder, Designer and Operations manager) & Grzegorz J ( Product engineer and Brand Manager) whos idea was to reinvent the way Airsofter paint their gear!

Why not just use a stencil?

Although using stencils can be a great way to apply both micro and macro patterns to your gear it does take a fair bit of preparation and applying stencils can be particularly awkward. Instead, you can easily achieve look-alike camo-patterns like Pencott Greenzone, Multicam Tropic by simply applying the paint as is. It also tends to give you a lot more control over the paint unlike the traditional spray can method and isn’t particularly more expensive either.



These are the currently available Camo-Pen swatches as of 24/09/2019.

I have personally used the following colours:

Camopen Swatch
camo-pen swatches


  1. Apply a base coat, this is the best way to get a flat colour down before using the camo-pens to apply a pattern. Applying a base coat using the camo-pens is possible but will take considerably longer.
  2. Decide on a design and get any templates ready, I have made a few templates which you can download for free at the bottom of this page.
  3. Give each camo-pen a good shake to properly mix the paint before applying.
  4. Squeeze out a small amount of paint onto a scrap piece of material, dab the sponge into the paint and apply lightest to darkest colours first, in between layers waiting 5 minutes is recommended to allow the paint to slightly dry.
  5. Leave for a full hour to dry and harden.

Fixing wear and tear


They’re also currently holding two giveaways where once they reach 500-page likes on Facebook one lucky follower will win! Or otherwise, they’re hosting a similar giveaway on Instagram! once they reach 1000 followers!

Camo-Pen Review
2019 Camo-Pen Review Ideal for Camouflage
Ease of Use
Value for money
Colour tones
Reader Rating6 Votes
Massive selection of colour that continues to grow
Gives a textured feel
Very easy to do
No need for stencils
Incredibly quick
Still need a base coat first
Not available on Amazon
Can't mix colours very easily
Some pens seal
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