What’s the best Airsoft Sniper 2019

A&K M24

Best Budget Airsoft Rifle

Best Budget Airsoft Sniper

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Best Mid Budget Airsoft Rifle

Best Upgrade Option

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Silverback SRS

Best High Budget Airsoft Rifle

Best out of the box alternative

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Factors to keep in mind when buying an Airsoft Sniper Rifle


The first thing to understand when it comes to Airsoft is the difference in range between a well upgraded AEG and a well-upgraded Sniper Rifle is negligible. An AEG at 1.3 joules can often time reach 70m+ whereas the equivalent sniper at 2.3 joules may be able to reach out to 100m if you’re lucky. However, Airsoft Snipers will typically have an effective range of 80 to 85m if you’re lucky. The other issue is, with an AEG if you miss your first shot you can take follow up shorts very quickly and so the range isn’t nearly as important.


Sleath is one of the real advantages I see when it comes to running an Airsoft sniper, both spring and gas-powered rifles tend to be much quieter than the equivalent AG as there’s no motor windup. That’s not to say getting a spring rifle quiet is easy because it’s not, it does take some level of persistence and research however unlike an AEG it’s a lot easier to upgrade and you don’t have to worry about shimming or wiring.


Precision is another misconception when it comes to Airsoft rifles typically an airsoft rifle can be highly accurate but it’s not a given and is not easy to get a highly accurate rifle. Sniper Techs that work on their snipers tend to constantly swap out parts and often spend hours researching and testing what parts and combinations will give them the best results. The benefit of running an AEG is precision is not nearly as important, if you miss your first shot you just take another, therefore the need to have an overly accurate AEG just tends to be overkill and unnecessary.


Similar to a real-steel rifle terrain is a real consideration when buying an airsoft rifle. Different rifles will perform better in different environments and knowing where you’re going to spend most of your time playing will affect what platform you’ll want to look at purchasing. A good example is anyone playing in an environment that has lost of or incredibly dry climates with loose ground want to avoid the silverback SRS due to its open cylinder design.

Type of Rifle

The different types of rifles include spring and gas, AEG rifles typically are not seen to be a valid contender with the other two options and so I would avoid these if possible. Additional, the effectiveness of different gases alter. From HPA to green gas to CO2, each having its own perks and drawbacks depending temperatures and regulations will depend on how each platform will perform. An example of this is running green gas in climates which temperatures vary will drastically affect the equivalent FPS/joules of the rifle due to expansion rates and will, therefore, require more adjustments to maintain the same level of accuracy and effectiveness something you’ll really want to keep to a minimum once set.


Budget is another key factor. Are you planning on buying a rifle and or upgrades immediately? Or are you looking to purchase a rifle and slowly invest money into the platform when funds are available? these are questions you have to ask yourself before purchasing her rifle. Additionally, some rifles will have a huge upfront cost something like a Silverback SRS or the Novritsch SSG24 have fairly expensive upfront costs both being £400+. However, these two rifles do not need as much time and money spent on them to upgrade them so it just becomes a question of upfront cost or overtime payments.


The most important aspect for me when it comes to choosing a rifle is that I can find upgradeable and replacement parts. There are plenty of rifles manufacturers that say they’ve produced an outstanding rifle however nearly all rifles will need upgrades parts to work well. If you’re unable to find upgrade parts or it’s on compatible with most current parts in the market I would typically advise avoiding at a rifle like this. Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade to improve the rifle and being limited results in having to DIY everything which is not only time-consuming but also cost-prohibitive.

What’s the best Airsoft Sniper out of the box?

Every sniper forum is filled with this question “What is the best Airsoft Sniper”. It’s probably one of the biggest debates there is when it comes to Airsoft sniping. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. Each rifle will have its advantages and disadvantages. In this post, I will cover four guns that I would suggest are the best performers and they are the SRS, VSR, SSG and A&K M24. There are some more obscure Rifles that I would consider to be even better than these four however they’re either no longer produced or are so expensive that I wouldn’t suggest them, e.g. pre-ban Tanaka M700.

What Airsoft Sniper fits my budget?

What’s the best Airsoft Sniper under £150

A&K M24 + Upgrades

A&K M24 Review & Upgrade Guide
Honest A&K M24 Review and Upgrade Guide 2019
The A&K M24 is the VSR-10 contender, it has possibly one of the best cost to performance level stock rifles I have found to date. The fact a stock A&K M24 does not only come with steel internals but also a 90-degree trigger is outrageous in the current market, I wish other manufacturers would take note. The only thing that lets this amazing platform down is the lack up upgrade parts. However, now that the SSG is on the market I'm hoping many of these upgrade parts will be compatible and with a bit of tinkering can perform just as well for half the price.
Reader Rating2 Votes
Comes with steel Internals
Fits nicely in your shoulder
Great budget option
Decent out of the box
Cocking is a bit rough
Fairly heavy
Needs some basic modifications
Removing the cylinder head can be awkward
Upgrade parts are limited
A&K M24

What’s the best Airsoft Sniper under £250?

VSR-10 + Upgrades

VSR-10 Review and Upgrade Guide
Best Upgradable platform
TLDR: My personal go-to rifle is the TM-VSR-10 I've personally owned mine for around 3 years and although have had a few issues, I would replace it for anything. If I were to get another however I wouldn’t suggest necessarily buying a TM but would instead suggest one of the many clones as the price difference isn’t really reflected in the quality difference. My suggestion would be to look at the “CYMA 701B” or even the popular "JG BAR 10" both of which are outstanding value for money.
Reader Rating7 Votes
Huge amount of information available
Fairly loud stock
Large number of aftermarket parts available
Fairly costly to upgrade
Very common
Needs upgrading
Disassembly takes time
What's the best Airsoft Sniper 2019

Under £400

Novritsch SSG24 Stock

The Novritsch SSG24 has received a lot of hate from many of the teching community, however, as much as I want to bash it I just can’t… The product isn’t terrible, it’s just there is no ‘out the box’ gun that will perform amazing without any modification. Even the SSG will need maintenance and a few mods will significantly increase its performance. However for someone that has no interest in teching or has very little knowledge then this might be the best option for you. Again, it still has its faults.

Novritsch SSG24

What’s the best Sniper Under £550

Silverback SRS A1 Sport 20″

The Silverback SRS is considered by many to be the best airsoft sniper to date, It’s a Bullpup design inspired by the real steel  Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout, It’s another great option that has proven to be a contender with the VSR. If you would like to find out more about the SRS you can find out some more information here.

What's the best Airsoft Sniper 2019
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