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Budget Action Camera
Mid Range Action Camera
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Youtube and Airsoft

If you’re looking to get into recording videos to become the best Airsoft YouTuber you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. Becoming an Airsoft YouTuber is a massive hassle, recording gameplay is a pain the majority of the time. It’s even put some famous YouTubers off playing the sport completely, including LevelCapGaming, Bodgeups and a few others. In addition to that to become a successful YouTuber, it takes time, money and a ton of effort. To begin with, you really need to have some quality equipment, two or more action cameras, some quality editing software (typically not free) and unique gameplay. All of which will net you a small audience when you’re first starting out and you’ll likely be stuck at under 10k subs for the first year of uploads. If however, you want to record gameplay to show your friend and family or simply for your own enjoyment then go ahead, you may even get lucky and make it big as a YouTuber, just don’t expect to.

Tips to recording Airsoft videos

  • Check nothing is blocking your lens
  • Are your SD cards are formatted?
  • Is your action camera going to last? do you need an additional battery or external charger?
  • Is your camera focused are the setting correct?

Gun Mounted Action Camera

Typically the gun camera is one of the cameras that you’ll want to purchase first, if you’re solely looking to create some gameplay footage to share with friends then this will likely be your first go-to option. Depending on your gun and play style will likely depend on what type of lens you’ll be getting. if you’re a CQB player you’ll obviously want a lens that is suitable for close quarters whereas if you play woodland or snipe you’ll want a lens that will be able to still provide a clear picture at 50m+.

Front Facing Gun Camera

A front-facing gun camera is responsible for getting all the nice zoomed in shots depending on your weapon and normal engagement distance you’ll typically want a lens on this camera too. This camera is mounted on the rifle, usually through Picatinny mount and shouldn’t be used to record the bulk of game-play as it will be unsteady and unless you’re only recording montages will not give a great viewing experience.

Back Facing Action Camera

Often times a camera is places on the gun with a back facing camera to record facial expressions as well as the players surroundings.

Head Action Camera

A head-mounted action camera is typically attached to a helmet, boony or is held in place using straps. It’s used to in between shots for the bulk of gameplay as almost a storytelling exercise. If you plan to only purchase on action camera, to begin with, a decent head camera will do wonders and give you a rough idea whether you like recording and editing gameplay. From here you can always go on to expand your collection and improve your content.

What Camera should I buy first?

I see a lot of people buy one or two cameras without having any idea of how and where to mount them. Remember story is the most important part of an Airsoft video without it the video becomes quickly boring and doesn’t really separate itself from all the others. Camera number one I would recommend is your head camera. Your head cameras are really important because this is what gives the story, a head cam captures what you see and while you’re playing you can get an idea of what the video that you’re going to make will look like. Next up is probably your scope camera. Your scope camera is important for the longer shots, as the head cam may have difficulties when the shots get to the longer distances using a cut to a scope cam can give the audience the sense of what you can see through your own scope. Last up is your reverse camera, this camera is used you make the video flow better. You can keep a story going with just a head cam and scope cam, but this is what makes it have better transitions and also allows you to talk to the viewers.

Features to look for in a quality Camera

  • High resolution (1080p or higher although having a high resolution doesn’t always guarantee a higher quality image) buying a 4k video camera will mean you’ll be less likely to need to upgrade later on.
  • A tough, waterproof, shockproof camera that has mounts available to attach it to your rifle, hat etc.
  • Motion Stabilisation (although useful a lot of stabilisation can now be done in editing software, however, it may reduce editing time).
  • Anti-fog lens for cold, wet days
  • Long battery life or easy interchangeable batteries/additional charging pack

Suggested SD Cards

Some people may not know but buying a high-quality SD card is very important when it comes to recording video. Not only are you less likely to have corrupt files and errors when downloading your footage but you’ll also find that a quality SD card will last a lot longer. I’ve always found San Disk to be my go-to company for SD cards. Not only are they one of the leading companies that manufacture SD cards but they also have one of the best lifetime guarantees, so even if your SD card does break they’ll replace it, free of charge.

Best Airsoft Action Camera 2019
4k Video
Best Airsoft Action Camera 2019
1080p Video


Before you go out and purchase a 400GB SD card It’s advisable to check what SD cards your device will accept. Older devices won’t always support SDXC which is typically what SD cards are larger than 64GB are.

Best Airsoft Action Camera 2019
Image credit: The Straits Times.

1. San Disk Extreme

The best all-around SD memory card

The San Disk Extreme is likely the best go-to option with its unbelievably fast read speeds. The fast read speeds allow data to be transferred quickly from device to device, as you’ll be recording often hours of game play a fast transfer rate can cut hours of downloading your footage.

Card type: SDXC | Capacity: Up to 400 GB | Write Speed: Up to 90MB/s | Read Speed: 160MB/s | Warranty: Lifetime limited warrant

SanDisk Extreme 64 GB

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

2. SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II

An even faster card than the UHS-I Pro

The San Disk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II is one of the more expensive SD cards. However this card offers speeds up to three times faster than most cards of the market, offering read speeds of up to 300MB/s and write speeds of 260MB/s, anyone recording high-quality gameplay footage and wants the clarity of 4k resolution video this may be the card for you.

Card type: SDXC | Capacity: Up to 128 GB | Write Speed: Up to 260MB/s | Read Speed: 300MB/s | Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64 GB up to 300MB/s UHS-II

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

3. SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-I

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is SanDisk’s highest capacity SD hard this delivers on speeds and performance. It’s a reliable and supports 4k UHD video quality. It also supports RescuePro, a data recovery software which makes recovering accidentally deleted footage effortlessly.

The best Quality SD card

Card type: SDXC | Capacity: Up to 512 GB | Write Speed: Up to 95MB/s | Read Speed: 90MB/s | Warranty: Lifetime limited warrant

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB SDXC Memory Card up to 170MB/s

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

Best Budget Airsoft Action Cameras


Best Under £100 Airsoft Action Camera

Profession quality budget action camera build to record 4k/30fps at 100mbps (330 pixels per inch) can record a 160-degree viewable angle.

FOV: 145° | Video Resolution: 4K@30fps, 1080p@100fps | Image Resolution: 8MP | Battery Capacity: 850mAh | Max Micro SD Card Supported: 64G + Class 10 or above | Warranty :1 Year| Video File Format: MP4

YI Discovery Action Camera

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

2. AKASO EK7000 Pro

Best Under £75 Airsoft Action Camera

The AKASO Ek7000 Pro is a good budget action camera, however, unlike most at this price range, it comes with (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization.

FOV: 170° | Video Resolution: 4k 25fps, 1080P 60 fps| Image Resolution: 16MB| Battery Capacity: 2x 1050mAh Battery | Max Micro SD Card Supported: 64GB Class 10+| Warranty: NA| Video File Format: MOV

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

3. Crosstour Action Camera

Best Under £50 Airsoft Action Camera

The Crosstour action camera is a great introductory action camera for anyone looking to try out video editing and content creation. For under £50 the value for money of this little camera ranks it highly on our list. It also comes with a wrist-mounted Wireless Remote Control, something I wish some of the more expensive action cameras would include. 

FOV: 170° | Video Resolution: 4K 25fps, 1080P 60fps| Image Resolution: 16MB | Battery Capacity: 2x 1050mAh Battery | Max Micro SD Card Supported: 32GB class 10 micro SD  | Warranty: NA| Video File Format: MOV/JPG

Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

Best Scope Cam Action Camera

1. RunCam 4

High-quality scope Cam

High quality airsoft action camera that comes with replaceable lens modules designed specifically for Airsoft.

FOV: 145° | Video Resolution: 4K 30FPS, 1080P 60FPS| Image Resolution: 8MP | Battery Capacity: 850mAh | Max Micro SD Card Supported: 64G Class 10+ | Warranty: 1 Year| Video File Format: .mp4

Runcam 4

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

2. Foxeer Legend 2+

Run Cam alternative

The Foxeer Action Cameras are the main contenders to the RunCam. Included you receive a 35mm lens which will have the best focal range of around 50M with an 11-degree angle of view and a Picatinny mount that has an easy and quick mounting system.

FOV: 11° | Video Resolution: 1080P 60fps | Image Resolution: 12MP| Battery Capacity: 900mAh| Max Micro SD Card Supported: 64GB Class 10 standard| Warranty: | Video File Format: H.265 codec, .mp4 file format

Foxeer Legend 2+

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

3. Mobius Action Camera

Budget Scope Acton Camera

The Mobius Action Camera is one of the cheaper options when it comes to purchasing a scope camera. However, if you’re shooting longer distances you’ll need to pick up one of their zoom lenses in order to focus at distance.

FOV: 12° | Video Resolution: 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps| Image Resolution: 8MP| Battery Capacity: 820mAh| Max Micro SD Card Supported: 32GB| Warranty: 1-Year SpyTec Limited Warranty | Video File Format: .mp4

Mobius Zoom Camera

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

Best Top Range Action Cameras for Airsoft

1. Insta360 One X

Best 360 Camera

Some popular Airsofter YouTubers have started to use shoulder mounted 360 cameras. This allows them to create some amazing looking footage but it comes with the price tag. A complete 360-degree experience can be more difficult to edit. It will, however, allow the player to record all sorts of different perspective and angles, you can also create a lot of amazing effects in editing.

FOV: 2×210° | Video Resolution: 5k 30fps, 3k 100fps | Image Resolution: 18MP| Battery Capacity: 1200mAh (5V2A) | Max Micro SD Card Supported: 128GB Class 10+| Warranty: 1 Year limited | Video File Format: insv, mp4

Insta360 ONE X Action Camera

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

2. GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPros top end Action Camera

Hero 7 is the most up-to-date GoPro available. Unfortunately, the Gopros biggest let down is the lack of external mic input. Worse of all is if you plan to use an external mic you’re forced to purchase their own adapter at roughly £40. As GoPro only allows the use of its own adapter and will only work with some microphones. For a list of recommended microphones check GoPro’s official recommendations before making a purchase.

FOV: 130° + | Video Resolution:
4K 60FPS 1080P 240FPS | Image Resolution: 12MP | Battery Capacity: 1220mAh| Max Micro SD Card Supported: 128GB Class 10+| Warranty: NA| Video File Format: MP4

GoPro HERO7 Black

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

3. GoPro Hero 7 Silver

GoPro’s mid-range action camera

The Hero 7 Silver is the mid-range Go-Pro for 2019, It is still able to record stunning 4k video just at a reduced FPS. The difference in price between the Silver and Black is so marginal however I’d make the jump to using the GoPro Black.

FOV: 2×180° | Video Resolution: 1080P up to 60fps, 720P up to 60fps | Image Resolution: 10MB| Battery Capacity: 1200mAh (5V2A) | Max Micro SD Card Supported: 128GB Class 10+| Warranty: 1 Year limited | Video File Format: insv, mp4

GoPro HERO7 Silver

as of 26/01/2021 9:52 pm

For all of these Airsoft action camera’s, you’ll also want to pick up some accessories, to find out more check out our post airsoft action camera accessories.

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