Airsoft Silencers, Do They Actually Do Anything

Airsoft Silencers, Do They Actually Do Anything?

How does it work on an AEG

Airsoft Suppressors are great at reducing the noise of air coming from the barrel however when it comes to AEG’s typically It’s not this that is the loudest factor instead the majority of unwanted noise comes from the motor. Most people tend not to bother running a suppressor as the added weight and length doesn’t really offer any real advantage as even a well-shimmed electric motor is notorious for having a high pitched hum or buss. Although this can be reduced by running certain motors, running Sorbo pads and using sound insulation where possible It’s still very difficult to get it quite enough where running a suppressor would be worthwhile.

Best Airsoft Silencer foam

When it comes to making DIY suppressor material I have found a few different materials work really well. The first being roller foam, this stuff is the perfect diameter for most suppressors and can easily be compressed to fit. I have a pack of 5 from Screwfix that tends to work perfectly for me & is still used to this day in both my VSR-10 and my Mk23. Some people swear by rolled run carpet which I have found to also work very well however you have to be careful of stray strands of fibres which can affect the trajectory of the bb so if you plan to use this material be sure to use a flame to quickly remove and lose fibres. Finally, the newest concept that a lot of people in Sniper Ops have now gone on to use in their rifles is scotch bite (yes that same stuff you use to do the dishes) this stuff makes outstanding suppressor material and some people now offer stamper or laser cut baffles for different diameter suppressors. If you want to read more about the Scotch-Brite pads you can buy and read all about it here.

Do silencers affect accuracy?

If done correctly a silencer should have absolutely no impact on the accuracy of a RIF. Even those running a TNT barrel or a CrazyJet barrel. The key importance here is to make sure that there is nothing in the way of the trajectory, even a few stray strands can interrupt the bb flight and cause inaccuracies. Something I have found to work fairly well is to use an old spring to hold back any access dampening material away from the BB to ensure a clean flight. Failing that a large straw with some holes cut in it could work just as well. A quick note here is that although you’re running a 6mm projectile the longer the silencer the more tolerance you’ll need to give to ensure a clean flightpath.

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