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General Airsoft Questions

Does Airsoft hurt?

If the rules are followed correctly then there should be no reason why anyone would get hurt playing. However, Airsoft guns can have much higher ROF (rate of fire). While snipers can have much higher limits than that of an AEG (Airsoft Electic Gun) operator. Sites will sometimes limit ROF and Airsoft Sniper Rifles and DMR’s users will typically have a MED. A MED (Minimum Engagement Distance) will be applicable to most sites to avoid inflicting unnecessary damage. Bruising at airsoft is not uncommon and it’s best to cover any painful areas, such as your knuckles or thighs.

How do I know I’ve been hit?

Airsoft is a sport that is solely reliable on honour. Unlike paintball, there is no visible marker to indicate that you’ve been hit out the game although often times it will be audible and you will feel the hit so long as it’s not being shot for a huge distance. This is unfortunately why Airsoft can have cheaters however, any site worth their weight will quickly remove cheaters from playing. Some have even been known to outright ban players for repeat offences, so I would strongly advise against it. You’re there to have fun after all. It’s typically the newer players that cheat as they can sometimes get frustrated playing, using RIF’s that are sub-par and inexperience along with the walk back to respawn can often immortalise players. To them, I would say, just try to out-flank your opponents, move slowly and if you can wait for them to come to you. Although you might have a sub-par rental rifle if you can get within range you’ll have a good chance of scoring some nice kills.

How much does Airsoft cost?

Airsoft is typically less expensive than that of a day of paintball. Especially if you have your own equipment and ammunition, as you’ll only have to pay a “walk on” fee. If you have to rent gear it can be a little more pricey. Often being around £40-£50 for a day, including ammunition and rental gear. Like most hobbies when you finally get round to purchasing your own gear things can start to get expensive. Especially if you’re purchasing high-end quality gear, this is not to say that you can’t purchase quality gear on a budget.

What is a UKARA & UKARA alternatives

In the UK when it comes to buying RIF (real Imitation firearms) you need to be eligible. A UKARA (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association) one of the many means to be able to safely purchase a RIF. However, you do not have to have a UKARA in order to purchase a RIF, in fact, being part of a society, museum curator, part of a film set include many of the different defences. You may have difficulty with suppliers only wishing to use a UKARA for gun sales and personally I have found this to be the easiest way.

How old do you have to be to play Airsoft?

The age at which you are able to play airsoft will differ from site to site. It’s best to contact your local sites if you want to get into airsoft. The majority of airsoft sites will only have a 14+ policy. All airsoft sites will require you to either play with an adult or have an adult sign your waiver of liability, assumption of risk and Indemnity Agreement. You’ll also need to be over the age of 18 if you plan on purchasing your own RIF. However, a RIF can be bought and gifted to you although they’ll still need a valid defence.


Can I respray a two-tone Airsoft gun?  

If you don’t have a UKARA/Vaid defence and are still wanting a non-two tone gun then spraying a two-tone gun may be a solution that’s come to mind. Technically this is perfectly legal as once you’ve purchased the airsoft gun two-tone or not you can legally modify it. A UKARA or valid defence is only there to protect shops/sellers. Once the gun is legally yours you can do what you like with it. I would, however, suggest if you’re over 18 then it may be easier to simply acquire a UKARA. Unfortunately, if you’re under the age of 18 then it will still require someone that is over the age of 18 to purchase the gun for you. Two-tone or not.

what does (GBB) airsoft blowback mean?

GBB stands for Gas Blowback. This is a term given to Airsoft guns, usually, pistols that are gas powered by CO2 or Propane, GBB usually have a realistic slide that ‘blowsback’ when the trigger is pulled. A gas blowback rifle works in a similar was with the bolt having this movement, as the slide returns to it’s starting position another BB is loaded ready for the process to begin again.

What is Airsoft hop-up?

Hopup is the backspin that is applied to Airsoft BB’s to increase their range via the Magnus effect. Hopup chambers apply backspin through the use of a bucking and nub. Buckings are a piece of soft rubber that grips the top of the BB as it passes through the inner barrel. This is usually adjustable so more or less hop can be applied depending on the weight of the BB and joules of the gun, for example, a sniper rifle will need more hop than an AEG. The use of backspin in Airsoft is there to significantly increases the potential effective range of the weapons by keeping the BB in the air for a longer duration.

What’s the maximum range for an Airsoft Sniper?

The maximum range recorded range is 140M using an SRS at 3J, this is by no means an effective range and was a set-up experiment to determine what range they could get out of the rifle. For example, it was a total 45-degree lob shot against a still target and isn’t really reproducible in-game. A good effective range for an Airsoft sniper is anywhere 70M+ typically most sites will have few ranges that will be further than this and anywhere beyond this distance tracking the BB becomes nearly impossible anyway.

What’s a Mosfet?

Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor or MOSFET is an electrical component specifically a transistor which is used to regulate voltage. Batteries don’t tend to give out a constant flow of current, by adding a MOSFET you regulate the current. This intern will improve trigger response and will significantly increase the longevity of the RIF. One of its main uses in an AEG is to preserve the trigger contacts points by regulating the current going from the battery to the trigger which in turn stops arcing and should prevent the build-up of carbon on the connections that result in poor/sticky contact points over time. In Airsoft MOSFETs have adapted over time to include other additional features such as ROF (rate of fire) control and to protect against battery discharge.

what’s CQB Airsoft?

CQB or “close quarter battle” is a term used to indicate that the site will have a lot of close quarters as the name suggest. This is typically environments like buildings, walls and hardcover. CQB sites are a usually faster pace than woodland sites and are typically less realistic.

what is a Airsoft chronograph?

A chronograph is an instrument designed to measure velocity. In Airsoft, it is used to determine a safe fps/joule rating.

What’s green gas?

Green gas is a gas typically used in airsoft guns to propel bb’s (airsoft guns ammunition) it consists of propane and a mixture of silicone oil, unlike propane it doesn’t have the foul smell that is added to show it is present.

What’s the difference between green, red and black gas?

Green, red and black gas are different mixtures of gas that is used in Airsoft as the bb accelerant. There are many types of gas green gas is the most common as is a mixture of propane and silicone oil. The main difference between green gas and propane is propane has a strong odour, as propane is used for cooking. Red and Black gas are slightly different gases and are used in Airsoft as temperature greatly affects the expansion of the gas. Therefore in colder climates will need to use stronger gases to in order to be able to get the most out of your RIF. Green gas is most common, it is the weakest of the three but works perfectly fine in hotter climates. You tend to need a stronger gas when the temperature drops, see the chart for details.

Airsoft Frequently Asked Questions
Nuprol green, red and black gas

Airsoft FPS Information

What does fps mean in Airsoft?

FPS (feet per second) this is a measurement of speed and was used solely as a method to check if airsoft guns were shooting within limits. In the UK we had/have a 350 fps limit on AEG’s and a 500 fps limit on snipers using .2 gram bbs. This has since changed however and most sites are now measuring on Joules which is better at calculating force as it’s a unit of energy instead of speed. Joule limits for the UK are 1.3J for AEG & 2.5J for snipers, this is measured on the weight bb you will be using for the day.

Does FPS affect range?

FPS does not directly affect range. That being said it is an aspect to consider for the most part a good quality hop up and bucking will improve range and accuracy over an fps increase. FPS is important to a point. For example, the difference between a 500 fps Sniper and 700 fps is very little as by this point you tend to get diminishing returns on FPS

Does Barrel length increase FPS?

Barrel length will affect FPS to a point. On spring guns fps will increase until the point at which there is no longer enough cylinder volume available. Gas guns are slightly different in cylinder volume is no longer the limiting factor. instead, now it’s based on pressure, therefore, they can get away with running much longer inner barrels and still will find an FPS increase.

Does Airsoft battery affect FPS?

No, upgrading the battery will only affect ROF (rate of fire) and trigger response. If you want to lower the FPS you’ll have to change the spring.

Does hop-up affect FPS?

Yes, hop up can affect fps. Not always in the way you’d think either. Turning hop off you can actually decrease FPS, this has been used as a method to cheat Chronographs although I wouldn’t suggest doing so.

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